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2. Our Consultancy

Our consultancy is an internationally renowned authority in the field of accessible design, operations and planning. We can bring in additional expertise when required and have a pool of accessibility specialists we can call on.

We provide expert, and above all practical advice to enable legal compliance and ensure fair and equal access for disabled people and others who benefit from accessible environments, inclusive design and practices. Working closely with clients, we offer an inclusive approach and creative solutions to access issues whether a new build project, a minor refurbishment, or a major review of current practices.

We are different from most other companies as we utilise the expertise of disabled consultants to carry out access audits, provide expert advice and deliver exciting training seminars which are tailored to your exact needs.

We believe that a philosophy of inclusion should apply to all aspects of design and service delivery to foster real equality and that such an approach will produce far reaching social regeneration benefits.

We have all the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide the best accessibility advice. We enthusiastically work with all clients to ensure disabled people of all impairments are catered for.

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