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5. Disability Etiquette Seminars

European legislation places stringent new requirements on those providing goods, facilities, and services. Service providers must take positive action to ensure they are compliant and those who do not may be subject to a discrimination claim.

Our seminars are exciting and thought provoking, but most of all will help you to be compliant and provide high quality service to your disabled customers. Our seminars demystify disability and build on people’s existing customer service skills enabling your staff to feel more comfortable and confident when dealing with a disabled colleague, customer, spectator or visitor.

The kinds of issues covered may include:

Volunteer Leadership Training, Russia

Good service to disabled people
What is disability?
Facts and figures
Different impairments
Assisting wheelchair users
Assisting visually impaired people
Communicating with deaf people
See the person not their disability
Physical access

Each bespoke seminar is designed to address issues specific to your organisation. Clients are presented with a proposal setting out the aims and objectives of the seminar and an outline of the course content.

What they said:

‘Been to a few similar seminars recently and this was the best.’

‘Thoroughly professional in delivery.’

‘Excellent. Well worth putting on for all frontline staff.’